Building air dehumidification and ventilation

Building air dehumidification and ventilationAn indoor pool building requires efficient dehumidification and ventilation, both for personal comfort and also to avoid mould or decay in the fabric of the building. Based on long experience we can advise you on the most cost effective system for your pool building.

For most pool buildings the optimum specification includes one or more Calorex dehumidifiers (which can also include an on-board air heater, either an electric fan heater type or a wet radiator type powered by water heated by a gas boiler) and a Vent Axia or Indux fresh air heat exchange unit (which pre-heats inbound fresh air with energy taken from extracted stale air). It is essential to consider the best positioning and control systems for these units in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Sometimes a pool building requires a more expensive ducted solution where air is ventilated, dehumidified and heated or chilled in an air handling unit (ahu) in the plant room ready to be blown into the building through ducts; exhaust air is ducted back to the ahu to begin the process again. Generally inbound warm air is blown across large glazed areas to minimise condensation forming on the glass when the outdoor surface is very cold.

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