Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor swimming pools

Your own swimming pool in the garden – fill the summer with family fun, laughter, and the one of the most effective ways to exercise.

We design and construct gorgeous outdoor swimming pools. We also install glazed swimming pool enclosures and poolside summer houses.

We’ll carry out a site survey and discuss with you options and preferences for size, depth, and finishes. This will include understanding a little bit about your lifestyle – whether you’ll be using the pool for early morning exercise or cooling off on hot days – so we can ensure we provide the right solution for you. We stock a range of samples to help you decide whether to choose a PVC liner, mosaic ceramic tiles, or stone finish for the pool itself; and we’ll guide you through deciding the best system for water sanitation, what type of swimming pool cover you prefer; and how to plan your pool surround. As we need to provide a websites small plant room fairly close-by for the filtration and heating systems, you may also wish to consider a larger summerhouse incorporating changing and showering facilities.

For most of our projects we construct an insulated, watertight, reinforced concrete pool shell, incorporating all necessary pipe work and infrastructure for filtration, heating, underwater lighting, and ‘options’ such as a swim-jet (exercise current), built in vacuum cleaning system and automatic water top-up.

Alternatively we are experienced in installing pre-fabricated one-piece swimming pools with a full specification including automatic cover and massage seats; for this type of pool we’ll need space to get our crane in to lift the pool into position.

Once the pool is finished (which will be approx 4 – 6 weeks from start on site) we’ll fill it with water, commission the heating system and water treatment system, set the correct chemical balance, and show you how to test the water and keep it clean and healthy.

If you wish we can also plan and install the pool surround including decking, paving, or granular rubber surfacing – all you have to do is jump in and enjoy your swim!

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