Swimming pool supplies shop

Please pop in and visit our pool supplies shop and show site at Buckland near Reigate in Surrey. We’re only 5 minutes from the M25 J8 – see our opening hours on the right.

Our pool supplies shop has everything you’ll need for ongoing care and maintenance of your swimming pool or hot tub. It’s a good, old fashioned treasure trove of pool chemicals, pipe fittings, underwater lights, vacuum hoses, toys, filter parts, pipe fittings and pool accessories. We have a good stock of chemicals including liquid chlorine and the leading quality Fi-Clor brand of bromine tablets, chlorine granules, pH and alkalinity increasers and reducers, chlorine and non-chlorine shock, clarifiers, flocculants, algicides, and stain and scale removers.

We also stock a complete range of spa water sanitisers, bromine, chlorine, cleaners, and additives to increase or decrease pH, alkalinity and hardness. If we haven’t got what you need in stock we can get it within days.

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Telephone: 01737 241109