Pool cleaning equipment

Swimming pool cleaning equipment SurreyA simple, cost-effective method of cleaning your pool is a manual underwater vacuum. We install permanent pipe work and valves from the plant room to the inside of the pool; all you have to do is push in your underwater vacuum hose, turn on the valve, and vacuum the bottom of the pool manually. Leaves and grit are trapped in your pump basket (which can be emptied later), and ?wet dust? from the pool bottom is caught in your filter (which can be backwashed afterwards). Simple.

We also offer a number of semi automatic underwater vacuum cleaners such as the popular Baracuda which scrubs as it propels itself around the pool base, and the smart Polaris unit which is pushed around the bottom of the pool by water from a separate pump.

The ultimate luxury is an electric robot vacuum cleaner; simply drop it into your pool, plug it in, and watch it crawl around the pool scrubbing and sucking dirt into its on-board bag; there are even models which are programmed to clean as they crawl up and along the pool walls. Talk to us, or come and see our demo robot.

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