Swimming pool covers

Outdoor swimming poolsFor our new-build projects, we supply and install swimming pool covers to retain heat, to keep out debris, and to act as safety covers to protect children and pets from falling into the pool. We are dealers for most of the major manufacturers from simple bubble covers to the most elegant solid slatted or tracked sheet automatic covers.

Manual covers: the least-cost solution is a “bubble” blanket pre-fabricated to the precise dimensions of your pool; it is manually retracted onto a roller at one end of your pool. There is a choice of colours and thicknesses with guarantees up to 6 years. At Buckland we have developed a style of wooden bench which conceals the cover reel, and forms an attractive social feature at one end of the pool

Automatic safety covers: this type of cover is manufactured from a high quality fabric sheet which runs in tracks beneath the coping stones and retracts into an underground pit at one end of the pool. We install the two leading brands of safety covers, Coverstar and Aquatrac, both of which comfortably support the weight of pets or people who might have fallen onto the cover. Also, as one of the manufacturers says, the cover keeps out the unwanted stuff like leaves and debris, whilst keeping in the good stuff including the water, heat and chemicals.

Automatic thermal covers: thermal covers are generally solid slats (hollow or filled with insulation foam) which retract automatically onto a motorised reel. We can advise you regarding the best position for the retracted cover; generally the least-cost solution is for an above-ground reel at one end of the pool, or an underwater reel concealed within a (tiled) rigid plastic bench at the bottom of the deep end of the pool. Alternatively we have built underground cover pits off one end of the pool (covered by timber decking), or underwater pits beneath the pool floor (covered by tiled rigid plastic lids).

Winter debris covers: many outdoor pools benefit from a winter debris cover which is a tough woven fabric sheet manually pegged into the pool surround; as the name suggests the cover gathers fallen leaves and twigs through the winter, and can then be pulled off prior to preparing the pool for summer swimming.

With so many features and benefits from several leading manufacturers of covers, please talk to us so that we can help you make the best informed choice to suit your needs and your budget.

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