Swimming pool liners and mosaic tiles

Outdoor swimming poolsThe appearance of your swimming pool is determined by your selection of liner or mosaic tiles as well as your choice of coping stones. We can advise you about the features and costs of a range of pool finishes including pre-fabricated liners, on-site lining systems, and mosaic tiles.

Pre-fabricated liners are manufactured from a special grade of vinyl in a range of patterns and colours with a lacquered surface which helps guard against abrasion, staining and UV degradation. We supply and install pre-fabricated bag liners complete with felt underlay and liner lock tracks to secure the liner beneath the pool coping stones; they are suitable for water temperatures up to 30 deg C and have a 5 year guarantee.

On-site lining systems include PVC vinyl sheet material which is cut and glued on site to create a permanent surface to the pool base, walls and steps. There is a choice of colours and patterns which are UV stabilised. They are suitable for water temperatures up to 32 deg C and have up to a 10 year guarantee.

Additionally there is a spray-on poly-seal on-site liner membrane system which is seam-free, 100% watertight, highly flexible, and resistant to pool chemicals, UV degradation, and general impacts and abrasions. Spray-on membranes are available in a limited range of colours. They are suitable for water temperatures up to 45 deg C and have up to a 25 year guarantee.

Mosaic tiles can be the ultimate decoration for a waterproof concrete swimming pool, with a huge range of ceramic or glazed finishes, colours, patterns, sizes, and degrees of slip resistance. We can assist you in selecting the right tiles for your budget, and advise you regarding distinctive water-line tile bands, step edge definitions, mosaic dolphins or bespoke designs. Beyond the tiled pool we can supply and install tiles for the pool surround complete with coping and edge tiles.

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