Swimming pool surrounds

Outdoor swimming poolsThe perimeter of the pool is finished and defined by coping stones or edge tiles which form a safe and stylish feature.

Generally for outdoor pools we install coping stones which slope away from the pool to minimise dirt being washed into the pool by rain, whereas for indoor pools we install coping stones or edge tiles which allow any water on the pool surround to drain back into the pool (to minimise the risk if slipping on puddles of water, and to remove the risk of damp getting into the building walls).

Standard coping stones are manufactured in concrete, and are generally white or cream. We can also supply and lay natural stone paving slabs which have been specially sawn to a bull nosed (rounded) edge.

Around outdoor pools we design and lay practical and attractive social areas in timber decking, paving stones, or granular rubber sundeck (similar to the soft surface often found in children’s play areas), or a mix of various materials. For indoor pool surround flooring we recommend either slip-resistant ceramic tiles or granular rubber sundeck.

Granular rubber sundeck is a permanent and hard wearing layer of coloured rubber granules mixed in epoxy cement and laid onto a reinforced concrete base. Let us mix a colour of your choice by adding various percentages from our 12 base colours, and we’ll do the rest.

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