Swimming pool water heating

Outdoor swimming poolsFor new-build and refurbishment projects we supply and install swimming pool water heating systems from simple electric heaters and gas boilers, to super-efficiency systems with air source heat pumps.

Many of our clients want a simple system with lowest installation cost such as in-line electric heaters; we offer up to 24kW by single or 3 phase supply, and higher outputs by 3 phase electricity.

If your property is on mains gas we can supply and install gas boilers to heat the pool water; either in-line specialist boilers (where the pool water flows directly through the boiler’s on-board heat exchanger) or standard band A domestic boilers heating high efficiency heat exchangers with stainless steel or cupro-nickel plates / tubes to heat the pool water .

For many clients our recommended solution for heating the pool water is an air source heat pump plus an electric heater or gas boiler as a top-up (and back-up). The heat pump is proven reliable, and extremely high-efficiency sustainable energy unit (it consumes 4.3kW of electricity to give up to 22.4kW of heat output to the pool water). We will configured the system so that the heat pump provides most of the pool heating for most of the year, topped up by the electric heater or gas boiler when necessary.

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