Under floor heating

Swimming pool equipmentFor the ultimate luxury (and energy efficiency) in indoor swimming pools we design and install under floor heating around the pool. Pool-side under floor heating (ufh) achieves three key benefits.

Firstly ufh feels great under foot. It heats the building space by creating a warm floor over the whole pool surround, and this gentle warm floor is best appreciated as you walk bare-foot around the pool.

Secondly, ufh cuts heating bills. The engineering of a good ufh system maintains a pleasant air temperature by pumping warm water through pipes set into the concrete floor, and this type of system is generally recognised to be more energy efficient than other types of building heating solution. Many of our indoor swimming pool projects include a heat pump (air source or ground source) which is very energy efficient in producing warm water at just the right temperature to supply the under floor pipes, making the whole system even more energy efficient.

Thirdly, ufh helps keep the pool surround dry. Swimming pool water will splash onto the pool surround and evaporate into the pool hall air. Large volumes of splashed water may cause puddles on the pool surround which may cause the floor surface to become “slippery”. Under floor heating helps to evaporate the water more quickly (any increase in air humidity is dealt with by the dehumidification system) creating a safer and more comfortable pool surround.

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